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BW70-T Automatic Corrugated Metal Hose Welding Machine

Speciallized for welding the combination of corrugated metal hose, mesh(braid) and compression collar

Advanced Welding Equipment

  • Equipped with TIG welder
  • The automatic wire feeder is equipped with automatic wire retraction and impulse wire feeding functions, ensuring precise and accurate wire feeding.

Precision and Reliable Engineering

  • Featuring an integrated design that is both compact and reliable, this system employs a compressing method for weldment fixation, significantly enhancing loading efficiency
  • Integrated design with compact and reliable structure, three-jaw self-centering cguck offers precise rotation and positioning
  • The machine's automatic seam tracking capabilities excel in both horizontal and vertical orientations, enabling exceptional precision in positioning and ensuring a consistently stable welding process

User-Friendly Interface

  • The operation system of the machine features a user-friendly touchscreen interface, facilitating effortless programming.
  • The machine features a one-touch operation that automates the entire welding process. It also allows real-time intervention for adjusting welding parameters as needed.
  • With a storage capacity for 40 sets of welding procedures, the system enables direct retrieval of the corresponding elding procedures based on specific weldment specifications.