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APF160-T All-position Welding Machine

Innovative Adhesion and Rotation: Effortless Circumferential Welding

  • The machien utilizes a permanent magnetic wheel that adheres to the weldment or outer orbit, alllowing for the rotationla movement of the torch during welding.
  • Adaptable for pipe-to-pipe circumferential seams
  • Magnetic force adhesio is stable and reliable, resulting in short preparation time before welding

Advanced Welding Equipment

  • Equipped with TIG welder, arc voltage controller (AVC) and oscillator (OSC).
  • The automatic wire feeder is equipped with automatic wire retraction and impulse wire feeding functions, ensuring precise and accurate wire feeding.

Construction and Design

  • Majorly manufactured from high-strength aluminum alloy material, this machone showcases a lightweight structure
  • Adjustable torch in radial and axial directions, plus torch angle adjustment for seamless transitions between positions and angles
  • A forced circulation water cooling unit is built into the machine, guaranteeing reliable and uninterrupted operation for extended periods.

User-Friendly Interface

  • The operation system of the machine features a user-friendly touchscreen interface, facilitating effortless programming.
  • The machine features a one-touch operation that automates the entire welding process. It also allows real-time intervention for adjusting welding parameters as needed.
  • With a storage capacity for 30 sets of welding procedures, the system enables direct retrieval of the corresponding elding procedures based on specific weldment specifications.